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RYA/MCA Short Range Certificate exam

Take the final RYA SRC examination with us even if you have taken the course with another RYA Training Centre

To make a booking check our scheduled exam dates or call us direct to make a booking that suits you

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The Course

The scheduled SRC exam is run for groups of 4 persons maximum at a time with the sole use of a Marine VHF Radio for every candidate. The assessment will take up to 2 Hours to complete and you will be notified after the assessment if you have passed or failed the exam.

RYA VHF SRC Exam students
VHF Radio exam only students

The practical examination is taken on modern ICOM Marine Radio Training Simulators (IC-M323, IC-323G, IC-M91D).

Please note that you are required to revise the RYA VHF Radio Handbook/eBook before you attend the exam.

You will need to bring with you the evidence you have attended a classroom or Online VHF Radio course (certificate) and an up to date Passport type photograph.

Paying for your SRC Exam

The RYA SRC Exam fee is £60 and is paid to the RYA directly, the new system to pay for the exam is completed online via the link below, If for any reason you can not pay for the exam online you can contact the RYA on +44 (0) 2380 604158 between 0900-1700 Monday to Friday UK local time to arrange payment. An additional £10 fee is payable if using this service.



We highly suggest you take our VHF Radio Quiz to check your knowledge before you come to the final RYA SRC examination.


We will give you plenty of time familiarize yourself with the VHF DSC training radios before you sit the exam/assessments.

We do not charge any fee for anyone to take the final SRC Exam with us, all you need to pay is the final SRC Exam fee directly to the Royal Yachting Association via the link below before you attend the exam.


We offer the exam only service to anyone regardless of which RYA Training centre you took the Online VHF Radio course with.


You can call us on 01704 539578 at any time to book your short range examination only. we can offer the SRC Exam only service to fit in with you, any day at any time.


Assessment Syllabus

  • 30 minute RYA VHF exam theory paper
  • Practical assessments include:
  • Operation of Marine VHF Radio equipment
  • Routine situations
  • Distress situations
  • Urgency situations

There is plenty of opportunities to undertake hands-on Radio practice time before you sit the exam/assessments.




The cost to take the final face-to-face RYA VHF Radio exam is £60 payable on the day to the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).

This depends on where you are located, you can take the final SRC exam with us at Seavoice Training or you can take the SRC exam with any RYA Training Centre worldwide that offers the course. Click here to search for a local RYA exam centre.

Please note: If you plan to take the final SRC Face to face exam with another RYA Training centre could you please let us know via phone 01704 571903 or via email so we can send the relevant exam report form to your chosen RYA Training exam centre.

You will require the Online pass certificate and a recent passport style photograph (not a home printed one). You should of been given a RYA Application Exam Form from your chosen Online training centre. If so, please bring this with you. If you have not been given the SRC Application Form, please contact your RYA Training Centre and request they post you one out.

If you fail to reach the marks required to pass the RYA VHF Radio exam paper, you will be offered a exam resit. The resit will be within 6 weeks of the course date. The RYA fee for the resit is £15 payable to the RYA, this will be collected from you before you can take the resit exam.

For a small additional charge, the RYA can guarantee a 2 working day turnaround from the date they receive the application. If you require this service, please clearly mark the application form “FAST TRACK” and add £30.00 to the total payment if you are not a RYA Member, £20.00 if you are a standard member and £10.00 if you are a Gold member. These fees are to be paid directly to the RYA and not Seavoice Training.

The pass mark is 60% both on the online pre-exam knowledge and the final RYA theory exam paper.

Yes we are happy to take you for the final face-to-face SRC exam on a scheduled date for free.

The RYA SRC Exam fee is £60 payable to the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) in all cases.

The method to pay the RYA SRC exam £60 is made directly online to the RYA using the link below.

To Pay Online Click Here

The minimum age for the VHF SRC exam is 16 years old.

You will require the following documents.

  1. The RYA SRC application form for the exam, please see the following support page for help on how to obtain the application form. https://www.seavoice-training.co.uk/support/arranging-paying-src-exam/  the exam payment is now made directly to the RYA Online, the fee for the exam is £60  Click Here to pay for your exam and obtain the application form.
  2. A recent Passport type photograph.
  3. If you have taken the VHF SRC Course online you will also need to bring the online pass certificate as a hard copy.

No, you can not take the final SRC VHF Radio exam online, you must attend the exam in person at a RYA recognised training centre.

Course Overview

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