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Skippers Online – RYA Coastal Skipper Yachtmaster theory course

Course Overview

50 Hours



Unlimited available

Skippers Online – RYA Coastal Skipper Yachtmaster theory course

This course is an advanced programme in Navigation and Seamanship and we would strongly recommend that you take the RYA Online Day skipper or Essential Navigation course before attempting this advanced course.

Take the course on your PC, Laptop, Ipad or Android tablet or smartphone.


Try the course taster lessons 

RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Pilotage module

Realistic Scenarios


What’s included in the course pack

The RYA Course Pack comprising: 2 RYA Training Charts

RYA Training Almanac, A

An online copy of US Chart 1 (symbols and abbreviations) which is a free Admiralty Chart 5011 substitute, and the RYA training chart-plotter for Windows PCs and Mac


Using high-quality videos alongside written guidance, this online course will provide you with all the learning to take the final RYA Dayskipper theory exams.

  • RYA Approved Online course
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Full audio voiceover
  • Approximate duration: 50 Hours of learning
  • Final RYA Coastal Skipper Yachtmaster exams take online
  • 3 RYA exams = Chartwork / Collisions regulations / Passage planning

Tutor Supported

If you need any help with the course you have access via the course portal to a tutor via email, also there is a FAQ page within the course help files.

The RYA Yachtmaster final exams can be taken online and will be marked by RYA Tutor further information can be found in the FAQ pages.

You have 6 months in which to complete the course.

Course enrollment

Make your course booking via Seavoice Training and you will receive your course login details by email on the same day if before 6 pm Monday – Friday or next day if booked after 6 pm

The course comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee from the day of booking.

The Day Skipper course tuition and support for this online course is solely supplied by Skippers Online limited https://www.skippersonline.net/


The RYA Coastal Skipper Yachtmaster Theory Course includes:

  • 14 lessons
  • More than 30 quizzes and exercises that check your understanding of each topic
  • 1000s of 3D images, animations, videos, downloadable resources and external references
  • Instructor Support 7 days a week
  • 12 Months access
  • Unlimited exam attempts
  • RYA Course Completion Certificate when you’ve passed your exams
  • 2 RYA Training Charts
  • The RYA Training Almanac
  • Course Handbook


You will require a stable internet connection or Mobile internet 3G/4G/5G

PC, Ipad Android tablet or smartphone.


Good contemporary online training is fun and engaging, gets results and saves you money. Not everyone learns at the same pace and with eLearning you can study any-time, anywhere with an Internet connection, going back and forth between lessons at will.

All our lessons are narrated, unlike older generation online learning for RYA theory courses which expect you to read everything from the screen, much like reading a book. Think of it as a cross between attending lectures, watching a movie, playing a game and undertaking exercises on paper.

our online training incorporates stunning 3D graphics which allow you to view scenarios from the perspective of a yacht’s cockpit, rather than simple diagrams viewed solely from above.

Quizzes use a variety of question types, not just multiple-choice (see the quiz at the end of the sample lesson on buoyage). When you take a quiz you get immediate feedback and when you undertake a written exercise you get not only the answers but fully worked demonstrations of how to get there.


There aren’t pre-requisites for Day Skipper theory (although there are for the practical course) however it’s useful to have some experience sailing on a yacht or, at the very least, in a dinghy

For the basic course fee of you get:

Access to the online training materials comprising lessons, self-assessment exercises with model answers, and multiple quizzes.

Email support from a highly experienced Yachtmaster Instructor and, if you really get stuck phone support by way of a pre-arranged Skype call.

The RYA Course Pack comprising: 2 RYA Training Charts, an RYA Training Almanac, an online copy of US Chart 1 (symbols and abbreviations) which is a free Admiralty Chart 5011 substitute, and the RYA training chart-plotter for Windows PCs and Mac

If you are in the UK this will be shipped to you First Class. If you are overseas, it will be sent Air Mail (+£10 for Europe, +£20 elsewhere) or can be shipped by courier for an additional £35. However, you can start studying immediately as many of the lessons don’t rely on the printed support materials

A device to run the eLearning. This might be a Windows PC or a Mac with a sound card, an iPad or Android tablet or even an iPhone or Android phone. Our eLearning runs on reasonably up-to-date versions of all the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome & Safari) however to be fair we have discovered that Chrome can be a little flaky of late, not just with our eLearning but with all sorts of applications that make extensive use of sound and HTML5.

Broadband, 4G/5G or fast 3G Internet connection. It actually runs fine on slower connections but you might experience long waits in the same manner as if watching movies online.

A chart-protractor and chart-dividers  2B pencils; a rubber; an A4 pad for notes and workings; ideally a ring-binder to keep your notes and workings in. That’s about it

Yes. Absolutely. All customers are entitled to a 14-day money-back guarantee. Obviously we also guarantee that our training is fit for purpose. In other words, assuming that you have the necessary equipment (device and Internet connection) it will enable you to follow your chosen course of study. And, whilst we take considerable effort to ensure that it’s free of errors, like any software there’s always the possibility of occasional small problems. If you encounter one let us know and we’ll work hard to rectify it in a timely manner

Most students need 40-50 hours in total and the RYA mandates a minimum of 40 hours. Remember with eLearning you can study any-time, anywhere for a few minutes at a time if you wish or, at the other end of the spectrum, take a week off and take the entire course.

You can purchase a 6-month extension for £50 or12-months for £80 via Skippers Online Limited.

In order to run lessons offline, you’ll need an iPad or Android tablet with the iSpring Viewer app installed.

Most lessons run perfectly offline however bear in mind that we do use some Internet resources in our teaching, such as YouTube videos, and these won’t be available offline. These are mainly in the lessons on safety.

Quizzes present questions from within lessons. You get immediate feedback on your answer and the chance to re-try the question or re-take the quiz as many times as you wish. We’re not looking over your shoulder

The self-assessment exercises are taken online but might including plotting on your RYA training charts, detailed workings and narrative.  You mark them yourself, in exactly the same manner as you would if you attended conventional classroom training. Once you’ve completed an exercise you have online access to not only the answers but also all the detailed workings and explanations as to how to get them. If you really can’t follow our explanation you can ask for help, sending us a scan or photograph of your work.

For now we’re concentrating on developing and supporting training by way of online learning programmes, so, once you’ve passed your training we can signpost you to recommended RYA Practical centres in the UK or Spain.

Your tutors are based in the UK and abroad, the course tuition and support will be given by Skippers Online Limited.

Yes you can take the Day Skipper or Coastal Skipper Yachtmaster exams online, your certificate will be endorsed as “non-invigilated” they are limited to 3 miles from a nominated departure point.

If you have a Day Skipper Practical Certificate and 12 months relevant experience you can apply for a Professional Endorsement (requiring a medical, first-aid certificate and completion of an RYA Professional Practices and Responsibilities course) With an invigilated Day Skipper Shorebased course completion certificate they can skipper a vessel carrying fare-paying passengers up to 20 miles from a nominated departure point.

Invigilation is optional for Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore even if acting in a professional capacityHowever, if they intend using their shore-based course completion certificate to enter MCA large yacht qualifications such as Officer of the Watch or Master 3000 their exam must be invigilated.

All exams for both Day Skipper and Coastal Yachtmaster are taken online via Skippers Online portal, if you require the exam invigilating we offer this service from our training base in Southport, Merseyside ( Charges apply £30 per hour for exams invigilated)

All you need to bring with you is your Laptop and navigation plotting equipment and charts.


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