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Online RYA VHF Radio Course

Learn all the Marine VHF Radio procedures and practice using the inbuilt digital selective calling marine radio simulator.

If you encountered an emergency at sea would you know how to call for help? The Marine VHF Radio is an important piece of safety equipment onboard, understanding the correct procedures when operating the VHF Radio is vital and could save you or your crews’ lives. 


” Prepare for the worst and hope for the best”

The Course

Once you have purchased the course and we have sent you your username and password, you can then start the course. The course is compatible with PC, Mac and iPads. Please note the course will NOT work on Android tablets.


Online RYA VHF Radio course screen
Interactive VHF DSC Radio simulator

You will get plenty of realistic practice using the inbuilt interactive VHF DSC Radio Simulator to make Routine, Urgency, Safety and Distress digital selective calls before you are tested at a RYA Training Centre for the final practical examination.

RYA VHF Radio course packsvhf-book

Option 1: The RYA VHF Radio Handbook (SRCP1) posted out to you.

Option 2: Download the RYA VHF Radio Handbook (E-G31) eBook format (free of charge) with a redemption code from us.

NB. Please let us know what option (Printed Material or eBook) you want when making your booking.

Logging into RYA e-learning

When you have signed up and paid for the course, you will be emailed your course joining instructions and a username and password. You will be asked to complete your user profile, you will then be able to proceed to the RYA Online VHF Radio Course.

RYA Interactive Course Site Access

How to access the RYA e-learning course

Step 1

Proceed to the RYA e-learning course homepage and download the course programme onto your PC, Mac or iPad.

Wait until the training course programme has fully downloaded and you see the RYA VHF Radio icon on your screen. Click the icon and you will be requested to enter your username and password.


Complete all the course modules in the course before you proceed to step 2, remember you can always go back to the course modules to revise at any time.

Step 2

Pre-exam knowledge check

25 multiple choice questions, you will be given 3 attempts at this section and the system will take your highest score, the pass mark is 60% or higher.

Step 3

Pre-exam knowledge certificate

On successful completion of the Pre-exam knowledge check, you may download the certificate and take this with you when you sit the RYA Short Range Certificate exam, as the examiner will require this to complete your application form for your licence.

RYA SRC exam and payment information

After you have completed the online course, you are now ready to take the RYA Short Range Certificate exam. This is taken at an RYA Training Centre that runs the RYA Short Range Certificate courses.

The RYA SRC Exam fee is £60 and is paid to the RYA directly, the new system to pay for the exam is completed online via the link below, If for any reason you can not pay for the exam online you can contact the RYA on +44 (0) 2380 604158 between 0900-1700 Monday to Friday UK local time to arrange payment. An additional £10 fee is payable if using this service.

To Pay Online Click Here



If you are taking the final SRC exam with another Training Centre other than Seavoice Training, we will require knowing who you will be taking the final SRC exam with, ie the Training centre name and if possible the date of the SRC exam as we have to send the final SRC report form directly to the RYA Training Centre.

At Seavoice Training we offer the Short Range Certificate (SRC) exam to all our Online VHF Radio students. Book Now

Please note: If you do not live close to our RYA Training SRC exam centre, we will email you an RYA search result of all RYA SRC Training Centres in your area/postcode that can provide you with the final RYA SRC practical face to face exam.

Please be aware that some centres may not be able to take you for your final exam at short notice or may have to have a group of students to run the examination.

Course payments

We accept payment by credit/debit cards via (Stripe secure card payment) or Paypal.





Course Syllabus covers:

About Marine Radio

  • How the Radio works
  • Using the Radio
  • Distress Calling
  • Urgency and Safety Calling
  • Rules and Licensing
  • Interactive VHF DSC Radio Simulator practice scenarios

The Online RYA VHF Radio course will also come with a Marine Radio Simulator inbuilt so you can practise using the Marine VHF Radio interactively.

System Requirements



The course has the following requirements:

  • A good internet connection WI-FI or 3G 4G Charges may apply 3G/4G
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768
  • Microphone, speakers or headset
  • Platform minimum requirements:
  • MAC 2008 models or above, Intel processor, OS X10.7 (Lion) or Higher
  • PC- Windows Vista 32-bit, Service Pack 2, 1GHz 32 bit (x86) processor, 512MB RAM, Sound card
  • Also now available on iPads

Once the course has been downloaded onto your computer or iPad, you can take the course modules offline. You will need to return online to take Part 2 the pre-exam knowledge check by returning to the RYA online course page via this link RYA Online website


Yes, you can try the RYA Taster course via this link RYA VHF Radio Taster course.

You can make payment for the Online RYA VHF Radio course by the following methods.

  1. Online via credit / debit cards via a secure payment (Stripe)
  2. By a bank transfer (BACS)  * Please download our shorebased-course-booking-form that has the BACS details.
  3. You can send us a cheque made payable to Seavoice Training, please download the shorebased booking form and return it with the payment.

When we have received your course booking, you will receive an order confirmation email. We will then send you further course instructions (Ticket) and you’ll receive your course access Username and Password. Once we have enrolled you onto the RYA interactive site, we aim to get you started as soon as possible during office hours 09:00am – 18:00hrs Monday – Saturday.

This depends on where you are located, you can take the final SRC exam with us at Seavoice Training or you can take the SRC exam with any RYA Training Centre worldwide that offers the course. Click here to search for a local RYA exam centre.

Please note: If you plan to take the final SRC Face to face exam with another RYA Training centre could you please let us know via phone 01704 571903 or via email so we can send the relevant exam report form to your chosen RYA Training exam centre.

If you have chosen the RYA VHF Radio eBook option, we will send you an email with full instructions on how to redeem the eBook. For further information, please see our support page.

You will require the following documents.

  1. The RYA SRC application form for the exam, please see the following support page for help on how to obtain the application form. https://www.seavoice-training.co.uk/support/arranging-paying-src-exam/  the exam payment is now made directly to the RYA Online, the fee for the exam is £60  Click Here to pay for your exam and obtain the application form.
  2. A recent Passport type photograph.
  3. If you have taken the VHF SRC Course online you will also need to bring the online pass certificate as a hard copy.

Please note if for any reason you want to change to the hard copy VHF radio handbook we charge a £10.25p fee and £2.50 post and package that would be invoiced to you directly.

No, you can not take the final SRC VHF Radio exam online, you must attend the exam in person at a RYA recognised training centre.

Course Overview



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