IMPORTANT – VHF Radio course and exam information

It is coming to our attention that many people are booking the Online VHF Radio course before considering when and where they are going to take the final SRC VHF Radio exam.ICOM VHF DSC MARINE RADIO

At Seavoice Training we offer all our course students the VHF Radio face to face exam on scheduled dates or on a 1-to-1 basis.

Please have a look at our VHF SRC exams page for further information.

We would recommend you think before you book the Online VHF Radio course with any RYA Training centre that offers the online course as you should know with whom you will be taking the final exam with.

Beware some centres may offer the Online RYA VHF Radio course at a lower price but may not be able to take you for the final exam.

We are also receiving numerous phone calls from students who need to take the VHF Radio course and exam quickly, the reason we are hearing a lot of is that they had not been informed by their Yacht Charter company that they required the VHF Radio licence before they could bareboat charter a yacht out from Croatia,

The VHF Radio course online is recommended you spend at least 6 to 10 hours to learn about the use and procedures on the course.

If you know you may require the VHF Short Range Certificate for your upcoming Yacht charter Holiday please consider the time it takes to take the course ie in the classroom its 10 hours learning followed by an independent SRC face to face exam or Online 6 to 10 hours learning followed by an SRC face to face exam at a recognised RYA Training centre.

If you require any further advice please contact us on 01704 571903 or by email. we are always happy to help.

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