Online RYA VHF SRC course price

I would like to answer a question I have received lately.


I have discovered a similar Online RYA SRC course to yours, which is cheaper via another RYA Training centre. Why should I choose Seavoice Training?

Is the cheapest option always the best option? Let’s consider the following.

Seavoice Training has been running the Online RYA SRC since January 2014.  We’ve had over 500 students successfully take this course with us since then.

This top-notch course may help to save your life one day, or the lives of others. Therefore we would ask you: “Is marine safety your priority or the chance to save a few pounds/dollars on what may be an inferior course experience?

We pride ourselves on our well-established customer support.

If anything goes wrong with the course or if you have an IT- related issue we will be there to fix it for you or fully refund your money with our 14-day, money back, guarantee.

Of course, there will always be competition for your custom at a cheaper price but cheapest is not always best!

Seavoice Training manager, Paul Harrison, stated:

“I firmly believe that Seavoice Training gives a higher quality course experience backed up with over 20 years’ first-rate experience regarding Marine VHF Radio procedures. In fact we have been at the sharp end of receiving distress calls from mariners at sea from my coastguard days. We will even make a search for a local RYA Training centre closer to you that may take you for the final SRC exam.”

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Your Safety at Sea is Always our top priority