BALTIC ifloat – Softbag


Looking for a Buoyancy aid that is ideal for Paddleboarding, Kayaking or surfing then look no further than the Baltic iFloat soft bag

This product is suitable for swimmers – Buoyancy Aid (50 Newtons)

Softbag has the same performance and safety qualities as iFloat 50N, but the bag has a softer and more streamlined shape. Front pocket for storage, e.g. waterproof cell phone.

We ONLY sell Baltic Buoyancy aids to UK Address. 



  • Model: Unisex
  • Manual Inflation
  • Size: 40-130 kg
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Simply pull the iFloat Softbag out of the pocket place over your head and inflate by pulling the inflation cord.

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Your Safety at Sea is Always our top priority