Why its important to always wear a Lifejacket – Sea Anglers

Lifejacket Advice for Sea Anglers


Sea Angling off the coastline of the UK is so popular nowadays, a good sea angling beach casting rod and reel can cost hundreds of pounds, many Sea Anglers opt for Floatation suits these are great as they keep you warm but only have the floatation of a Buoyancy aid of 50 newtons they are fine as they will keep you afloat as long as you can swim and have not been knocked out.

Below is a video was taken by the RNLI in the wave tank at Poole Dorset showing what happens if you fall into the water in your waders.

Our advice is to always wear a Lifejacket while angler around the coastline of the UK.

Please have a look at the range of Lifejackets that we supply.

If you already have a Lifejacket please look after it, wash it down with Freshwater after use and store inside a dry room.

We recommend you have your Lifejacket serviced annually.

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